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Magnesium Chloride Oil Spray

     Magnesium Oil is a coined term for a highly saturated solution of magnesium chloride in water along with other trace elements, which happens to present itself in an oil-like texture due to its hydroscopic nature (attracts water molecules).  Magnesium Oil is considered the gold standard by practitioners for rapidly restoring cellular magnesium levels and is easily absorbed into the skin and underlying tissues. One teaspoon contains approximately 560mg of elemental magnesium.

Use. You can take a few body sprays in the A.M. and in the P.M. you can also take a magnesium bath or foot soak. Each bottle contains up to 800 individual sprays. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans, coeliacs and diabetics.

Ways of body spraying. Spray Magnesium oil on isolated parts of the body, preferably on the lower legs, feet, ankles with several carefully aimed applications throughout the day, or to areas that are in need (achy joints, muscle spasms, sore muscles). Rub it into the skin as much as you feel is necessary. The more you rub, the more your skin will absorb. At this point, many people choose to leave the magnesium oil on indefinitely, while many more wipe it off with a moist washcloth after 30 or so minutes because they find the residue it leaves on the skin a little uncomfortable.

Tub & Foot Soak. Add Magnesium bath flakes to a warm bath makes for a very relaxing magnesium soak. Or you can add Magnesium Bath Flakes to a warm foot soak (foot spas). The benefit of this method is that warm water brings more circulation to the feet and keep your pores open, hence more absorption.

How much should you add? It depends on your needs, but about 4 to 6 ounces is a good start. The best is, for the first 3-4 months you should be using it every day with intensity. A good rule of thumb is use up to 1-2oz per day directly applied to the body. It is advisable to start the first several days with a small amount, and gradually work up to larger amounts. During this time you will be restoring your cells that are magnesium deficient. After this initial period, some users feel that they need to use the magnesium oil just as much as they were during the first 3-4 months, while others reduce the magnesium oil to a few times per week. It all depends on the person, as everyone responds differently and with different needs. Stress, diet, etc, all affect cellular magnesium levels, so one would need to take these factors into account and determine their own requirements. If you are engaging in any type of detox protocol, aggressive use of the magnesium oil is certainly recommended.

Better results. Taking a warm shower to cleanse the skin of oils, acids, and other elements is a good idea prior to applying the magnesium oil. Everything absorbs better into freshly washed skin.

Please Note. After application you may notice a slight salt-like mineral residue is left when it dries. This is normal, especially in dry climates or heated indoor areas, and also varies with how much you are applying at one time. If you do not like the mineral residue left on the skin, then we recommend you apply the magnesium oil 20 minutes prior to showering each day. After 20 minutes, the majority of the magnesium ions have been absorbed and you may rinse off the mineral residue. Wiping the skin off with a damp washcloth is also an acceptable method.

Attention! Don’t apply lotion before using the magnesium oil. Lotions and other oils will saturate the skin and hinder the uptake of the magnesium by the skin, leaving a significant amount of  magnesium oil sitting on top of your skin.

Avoid your eyes, freshly shaved underarms, or freshly shaved face. It won’t hurt you, but it might sting a bit.

Avoid application of the magnesium oil to sensitive parts of the body such as the nipples and genital area.

It’s not going to hurt you—it just stings more than most would care for in these sensitive areas. You could apply it to the facial area and scalp, but again, it is a matter of comfort. 

Use of Magnesium Chloride has many benefits, some of them are here:

  • No need to worry about oily skin, oil stains, or anything else having to do with oil Perfect for treating external wounds 
  • Supports right fonctioning of cardio vascular system 
  • Powerful immune-stimulant 
  • Fights acute and chronic conjunctivitis 
  • Helps Rheumatic diseases 
  • Good prophylactic for Allergic diseases 
  • Spring- asthenia 
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 
  • Sore muscles and joint pain 
  • Necessary for replacing magnesium for those involved in sports and heavy physical activities 
  • Restores cellular magnesium levels 
  • Encourages healthy skin tissue 
  • Supports detoxification 
  • Relieves aches and pains 
  • Improves mood and relieves stress, particularly those suffering from anxiety 
  • Balances level of calcium in the body 
  • Fights thrombosis and varicose veins 
  • Good for pregnant and breast feeding women
  • 560mg elemental Magnesium per tsp*(table spoon=5ml) . 8  sprays of Ancient Minerals magnesium oil deliver approximately 100 mg of elemental magnesium onto the skin.

INGREDIENTS: Purified water, Genuine Zechstein™ magnesium chloride (and other naturally occurring trace minerals)


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